My goal is to be bright about yoga - to offer practices from my 20 years of yoga studies and teachings that are uplifting and smart. Yoga changed my life. I hope it can help you create positive change, too. Through socialive I offer three types of classes - 1. Small bites of yoga to support you in daily life, often based on my own solutions-based practice and book, Happy-Go-Yoga (Amazon best seller); 2. Mini-studio classes so you can practice while you are on the go or we are apart; 3. Content-driven workshops on philosophy, practical ayurveda, and daily wellbeing, or pose labs from my personal, 101-style approach of specific detail that you won't normally get in most studio classes or workshops. I'm honored to be a lead trainer and philosophy lead for Breathe for Change, the world's only 200 hour teacher training specifically designed for schoolteachers and educators. With nearly 1000 training hours and thousands more teaching group classes, workshops, and teacher trainings, I share what I know - a mix of my own healing and studies with divine guidance from Dana Flynn, Jasmine Tarkeshi, and Ali Cramer - co-founders and Ayurveda lead at Laughing Lotus NY/SF, Cyndi Lee - founder of Om Yoga Studio NYC, Gary Kraftsow - founder of the Viniyoga Institute, and Alison West - owner of Yoga Union NYC. In a past life, I was an Emmy-winning broadcaster, but broken physically and spiritually from the lifestyle and stress. Nearly 20 years after my first yoga class, I've transformed chronic pain and stress into more joy, wellbeing, and self-care and have published many articles on yoga and wellbeing for top tier publications to niche blogs.


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