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I have been involved in various types of fitness and dance from early ages. It started with dancing when I was a child and then evolved into love for fitness, exercise and movement. That influenced the choice of my career and I have been teaching Pilates, dance and other activities for the last 11 years. Yoga came into my life 6-7 years ago and I fell in love with the practice and started exploring it on a slightly deeper level and finally completed the Zenways Yoga Course in 2016. I’m running online and group Yoga Sessions. I have a free closed Facebook Natallia’s Functional Yoga Group where I either livestream or upload yoga videos. I also run an online Yoga Basics Course - an 8 week Introduction to Yoga postures and Breathing. My YouTube channel has Yoga sequences as well as other forms of activities. I also run a blog (Natallia’s Fitness Blog) Flow Yoga has always been my favourite, but I also like playing with other styles. I love Arm Balances and mobility and flexibility aspects of yoga. My aim is to help people to become more open, present and mobile! I love doing what I’m doing and hoping to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.


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