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After signing up for a Moviing Membership, you will have full access to Moviing's library of classes, series, instructors, and e-books...

You can watch classes on your laptop, mobile phone, TV (Apple TV...) or tablet. An app is on its way too. Quite cool 😉

YES! When you sign up for a Moviing membership, you have a 14-Day Free Trial. You can cancel at any time in a single click from you dashboard and enjoy full access to the platform for free for up to 14 days!

Moviing is a worldwide community of instructors and users who are united by love for movement. We are an online yoga & Fitness videos marketplace. World-class instructors host their online classes on Moviing and together offer you the most diverse and direct library of online classes to help you in your yoga and fitness journey. Our classes come in a variety styles such as Strength, Sculpt, Yin, Flexibility, Dance Cardio and a lot more. Additionally, our series and classes come in a variety of experience levels that are suitable for all backgrounds. Programs can be accessed on your own time, completed at your own pace, and done in the convenience of your own home.

Full unlimited access!

When you become a member, you get access to all classes and programs 😉.

We partnered with Stripe.com to process your payments (the best and safest out there!). You are in good hands.

Great question! Instructors are paid as soon as you watch their videos. The more their content is watch, the more they get paid. That way, it's fair for everyone. Additionally, you can support a specific instructor by using the instructor's promo code. That way you become a subsriber of that instructor and your payments will go straight to her/him!

In a single click! In your dashboard, go to the "membership" tab. Then click on the "Cancel subscription" button. You instantly receive a confirmation email. That's it! It would break our hearts though!

Rarely happens though, we're certain you will love practicing on ⚡ Moviing ⚡.


In order to become a parter instructor, you need to sign up and fill the "Become a partner" form. Once that's done, you can build your profile and upload your videos! We'd be thrilled to have you join the instructor community!

YES! If you have a studio and want to become a partner, send us an email at [email protected]

You will be able to create a profile for your studio, upload you videos and broadcast your classes live so everyone can enjoy your content!

Once you are a partner, you will receive promo codes for your clients.

When your clients sign up with your promo codes, you keep most of the membership revenues, paid to you everymonth. a small portion is shared with the instructor community.

Moviing is the only two-sided marketplace.

This means that you own your content, your subscribers and your data. You get analytics on your audience and you are free to upload as much content as you wish. You are in control. It's your business, we're just here to facilitate and help you succeed!

Single-sided platforms have control on you and your content. On top of that, they keep most of the revenues when Moviing redistributes up to 75% of the revenues back to the creators.

No contracts!

We think contracts are unfair, especially exclusivity contracts. So no, we are as fair as possible with the creators

As much as we can! You can think of us as your digital friends. We have a ton of data to guide you and are here to answer any question related to technology and growing your digital business.

The more you invest into the platform, the more you get out of it. And we'll make sure to help you grow as much as possible. Trust us.

We build this platform for you. We make simple, intuitive technology that users love in order to facilitate the conversion and increase retention to the max. We constantly adapt the product for them and use our data to make decisions only we are capable of making.

Power of the community. Because your subscribers have access to all the content on Moviing, they are easily willing to subscribe and stay on the platform.