Agi Falenta is qualified horse riding, fitness and Pilates teacher. Born in Poland, she moved to Scotland 13 years ago where she lives with her husband and their two kids. Before coming to the UK she was a successful show jumping rider and coach. As a rider she developed back problems. Thanks to Pilates Agi was back to riding and competing. Pilates helped Agi to improve her posture, core strenght and performance. Agi felt in love with Pilates so she decided to became Pilates teacher and help the others. She is a teacher with the drive, knowledge and enthusiasm to apply the correct techniques to help her clients to achieve their goals. Specialist in the areas of personal fitness, assessing and assisting horse riders, athletes and people with injuries or physical health conditions to improve their posture and fitness to help improve performance. She loves to work with small props to make classes more challenging and fun. She post daily short creaitive videos on Instagram and Facebook to encourage people to take up Pilates.


45 min

Pilates inspired full body workout
Agi Falenta

Pilates inspired full body workout with very easy prop,,,a chair. 45 min session...


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