Sara was born and raised in Slovakia but spent most of her teenage life traveling, learning and discovering new cultures. After graduating high school she moved to Vienna where she now lives and works as a yoga teacher. Movement and physical exercise has always been a part of Sara’s life. Throughout her childhood and teenage years she has been actively playing tennis and dancing. She learned that the best way for her to quiet the mind is to challenge the body. Sara started practicing yoga in 2011 with her mom and her brother at a local yoga studio in Bratislava. It definitely wasn’t a love at first sight, but Sara has always found herself coming back to yoga. Through the years of practicing Sara noticed that yoga inflenced not only body and physical well being, but also many other things in her life. She became curious and wanted to know more about this old tradition and it's way it changes people's lifes. Eventually Sara did her teacher training and since 2016 she teaches yoga full time. Although asana practice is what connects her to yoga the most, Sara likes to think that yoga practice isn’t limited only to those 90 minutes that you spend on the mat. She believes in the importance of the “off the mat” practice, where you remain mindful to your physical and mental body. ​ Sara’s teaching style is modern and playful. Her goal is to make yoga attractive and make her students excited about the practice, as well as motivate them to be curious and to search more in yoga topics.


30 min

Journey To Flexibility
Sara Ticha

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